Rome Family and Kids Tour

Rome is a city that every child wants to visit. All kids have heard in school classes about the ancient Romans and the Colosseum. Many have also studied about Michelangelo and the Sistine chapel, others about S.Peter and S.Paul. Or maybe it's you as parent that would love them to get more historical knowledge by showing your child historical sites or beautiful art pieces.

What a better way could you think about then visiting Rome in a family tour together with a professional guide that loves kids. A guide, who will be able to show you the right things at the right time; who will tell you nice stories that make the old stones come back to life, stories that are understandable for your children. A tour that is not too long. Have the possibility to skip the lines to enter the Vatican and the Colosseum.

Stand in front of the Laocoon statue and look together why it's considered such a beautiful piece of art. Look at the Pietà feeling together the emotion it gives you.
While walking, or maybe even biking, through the city stop at the best gelato place for a wonderful well deserved ice cream. Just enjoy beautiful Rome and get the best out of your vacation with you kids.