Official Rome Tour Guide

If you are planning your holiday in Rome and looking for a guide, you will probably search on internet. You will find many sites all selling beautiful tours. Most people will not realize that it is important to look for an official authorized guide in Rome.
A licensed tourist guide is a guide who has studied many years art and archeology and has passed a sever test by local authorities.

We are legally certified guides and are registered on an official list of the city of Rome. We don't tell cheap Hollywood stories or false and misleading information. We have a badge on us, so you can recognize the licensed guides.
Often agencies will use foreign students as their guides, just having them learn a 20 pages script with a few figures and fact and some funny jokes. They don't really know the story of Rome and it's beautiful art.

A licensed guide has lived for many years in Rome and knows also all the ins and outs, the local markets, habits, costumes and traditions of the different districts of Rome. The authorized guides also have to do an exam to test their knowledge of the languages, so they will speak fluent in your language. You will have no difficulties in understanding them.