Walking Tours in Rome

Do you want to discover the real beauty of Rome? Would you expect to be surprised by the city arts and be part at least for a little while of the atmosphere and character of Rome? Then you should plan at least one of the arts walking tour of Rome, preferably a private tour in the company of a professional guide.

Only by walking through the heart of the city you may experience, without the need of acquiring any entrance ticket, Italian famous paintings and sculptures, Renaissance and Baroque great architectures in Churches and Palaces, spiritual and dramatically rhetorical Christian religious atmospheres and trompe l'oeuil, fountains of many shapes and sizes, breathtaking panoramas and, last but not least, boutiques of fame and glamour.

All of which makes Roman sights particularly appealing. Let us know for how long you wish to walk, tell us what kind of attraction you are really interested in and we will tailor for you very pleasant walks in Rome, interrupted here and there by an especially flavored Italian real coffee (small, thick, bitter and strong) that can also become a long smooth, sweet cappuccino, a soothing "latte" or an American coffee. If you prefer along the walk you may taste re-known ice creams, or special aperitif tarts.