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The Villas of Tivoli
Archaeological splendors of Hadrian and the fountains of Villa d’Este
From the archaeological splendors of Hadrian’s Villa to the fountains of Villa d’Este The Hadrian’s Villa still shows the splendor of its imperial days, while, on the hill, the renaissance Villa d'Este, awaits you with it's magnificent frescoes, gardens and fountains.
The town of Tivoli is situated on the hills east of Rome, about 22 miles away. Since ancient times, the rich families of Rome chose the place for their vacations, and it is here that the Emperor Hadrian built the villa that bears his name and that is the first part of the visit.

We arrive to the Villa Adriana, a huge archeological site, where the great emperor Hadrian lived, and where he collected art masterpieces and treasures. Walking along the green countryside sprinkled with ancient ruins, we visit the Villa’s most astonishing memories, such as the Pecile, the Maritime Theater (a building surrounded by water), the Golden Square and the Canopus, inspired by the egyptian architectures loved by the Emperor
Then, back on the car, to go up towards the town of Tivoli in a few minutes and you are facing the entrance of Villa d'Este. This was once the residence of one of the great princes of the Renaissance.

The villa was built in the mid-sixteenth century for Cardinal Ippolito d'Este, the scion of a great Italian family (his father was the Duke Alfonso of Ferrara and his mother was the ill-famed Lucrezia Borgia).

We visit various rooms decorated by skilled artists of the period, but the gardens are to represent the real attraction of the site, enriched with many fountains amids secular trees, plants and flowers. We merge in this unbelievable mixture of art, history, water and nature and we allow visitors to spend unforgettable moments in a magical atmosphere.

Tickets: Villa Adriana € 8. Villa d’Este € 8.
Length: 5 hours

Note: Itinerary by car and walk in the sites.This tour is not suitable for people with walking problems and wheelchairs.