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For those with little time in Rome (e.g. for cruise passengers disembarking at Civitavecchia) or who, having been already in Rome, wishes to deepen the various aspects of the Capital, we are available to tailor for you any kind of itinerary.
Besides the things listed in the itineraries above proposed, we can suggest various other places of interest that can cover any kind of request.

Capitoline Museums, on top of the Capitol Hill, with the statue of Marcus Aurelius, the bronze She-Wolf and other masterpieces.

The churches of the Via Nomentana: St. Agnes and St. Constance, treasures of the early middle age.

The Baroque churches of St. Andrea al Quirinale and St. Carlino alle Quattro Fontane. Bernini and Borromini face to face.

The National Museum of Villa Giulia, the most important Etruscan art and culture museum in Italy.

St. Lawrence and Holy Cross-of Jerusalem. Less known, but stunning early Christian Basilicas.

The National Gallery of Paintings in Barberini Palace, the great treasures of the Renaissance and Baroque.

The medieval churches of the Aventine hill: St. Sabina, St. Alessio, St. Prisca and St. Mary in Cosmedin with the Mouth of Thruth.

Villa Torlonia, masterpiece of the neoclassic period, former residence of Mussolini, now open to the public.

Cerveteri, 30 miles away, the stunning Etruscan necropolis merged in the hills north of Rome.

Palestrina, The magnificent little town preserves ancient monuments and the beautiful Archaeological Museum.

Bracciano, North of Rome, the small town preserves a gorgeous medieval castle on the hill overlooking a magnificent lake.