Vatican Museums Private Tours

Millions of visitors throughout the year line up for hours to enter the Vatican Museums, often coming out with the eyes full of images and feelings that probably create an indistinct crowd not easy to be organized! The Vatican is an unrivaled mixture of art, history and faith, and a private tour of the Museums, better when completed by the visit of the Basilica of St.Peter, can help the visitor to put everything in its correct historical background.

The Palace which houses the Museums was largely intended not to be entered by thousand people a day, but as the theatre of the activity of the Papal court.
You jump continuously from a century to another, from the greatest ancient roman statues to the masterpieces of Michelangelo and Raphael, from the treasures of the ancient Egypt to the Etruscan jewelry, from the objects discovered in the Catacombs to the contemporary paintings, ending with the glory of the Sistine Chapel and the might of St.Peter's church.

With a private tour of the Vatican Museums, you can in few hours enjoy the best of all this, having as well the opportunity to reserve in advance you own chosen entrance time, skipping the line and reserving all your energies to the unique experience of a Vatican visit!