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Tour of the Roman Castles
History, art and good food and wine few minutes away from Rome.
History, art, good food and wine few minutes away from Rome. South of Rome, in a crown of gentle hills, Castel Gandolfo, Frascati, Ariccia, Nemi, await you to understand why the great Roman families came here on vacation, with the chance of tasting typical food and excellent wine.
The name “Roman Castles” is given to the little towns spread along the Colli Albani, the volcanic hills south of Rome, which have always been the favorite place for Roman aristocracy for their summer holidays.

The charming borough of Castel Gandolfo was chosen since the 17th century as the summer papal residence. On the side of the papal palace, a beautiful view of the lake Albano,along which we descend, passing by Marino to reach Grottaferrata, where we visit the ancient Abbey of S. Nilo, still serviced by the monks of Greek-Catholic rite.

We drive up to Frascati, famous for its wine and for its beautiful villas. This is the moment for a break, in order to enjoy the local food and wine in one of the many renowned restaurants.

After lunch, we resume to Rocca di Papa and we reach Nemi and its small lake, also famous for the production of the best italian strawberries.
Then, we reach Ariccia, where we stop to admire the large square on which overlook the church of the Assumption and the Chigi Palace, both by Bernini. Back in the car towards Albano, according to the legend the area where Aeneas's son, Ascanius, founded Alba Longa and again according to the legend, the birthplace of Romulus and Remus, the mythical founders of Rome.
Length: 7 hours

Note: Itinerary by car.