Private Tours of Rome

Millions of visitors come every year in Rome to enjoy the treasures of art, the memories of the past, the symbols of the Christian faith, the lively atmosphere, the nice weather and the good food, but especially in peak season the feeling of being trapped in an anonymous mass of tourist may come to the mind of whoever needs a more relaxed approach to the Eternal City.

Rome is not only the crowd which pushes and pulls to find a spot from where to toss a coin in Trevi fountain, or the endless lines to enter the Sistine Chapel! Our private tours of Rome can allow you to sneak through the crowded place, skip the most beaten paths and find less traditional points of view, finding special roman favorites without loosing time and wasting energies.

Either on foot or by car, or even hiring a bike, our private tours allow you to see the most astonishing treasures of art and faith choosing the best time, the most proper way and the right day in order to reach, even in the tourist peak season, a complete satisfaction.