Christian Rome Tour

Rome has to offer some very particular ways to appreciate the Christian experience through the centuries.

Protestants, Catholics or more simply spiritually oriented and lay travelers can discover, with our private tour accompanied by a professional licensed guide, the origins, the growth and the contemporary standing of a faith that has influenced and has shaped the culture of the world. Christian sights can be seen in depth, spending in each one time enough to appreciate the details, or can be grouped together according to your time, your interest, the location or the historical period. One can start by experiencing the Appian way, which besides from offering enchanting landscapes, welcomed the arrival of St.Paul and offered temporary escape to St. Peter. The Catacombs may follow. They are an example of the Jewish origin of Christianity and of its early seeping through the pagan faiths that had thrived in Rome in earlier centuries.

But there are secluded places that give special character to the Christian aspect of Rome. St. Clemente helps to understand that fascinating passage between the fall of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the Christian hegemony. Walking in its underground one goes through I and II century Roman ruins of houses and streets, sees a Mytreum, stands in front of XI century frescoes and the first cartoon bubble in the early Italian language, then rises to the XII century church and rests admiring an intriguing and magnificent mosaic, whose meaning is wrapped in the political and historical debates of the time. Not far from there one should not miss the military and spiritual medieval atmosphere of Ss. Quattro Coronati, the surprising, unexpected architecture of Santo Stefano Rotondo, with its VII century mosaics, and the poetical walk through the little street embedded in greens and roman walls that leads to Ss. Giovanni e Paolo. But to feel the potential modernity of the Church one should not miss the astonishing Church dedicated to God, the Merciful Father, built for the Holy Year of 2000. Designed by the famous American architect Richard Meier, it represents, as the architect himself declared to the Pontiff, "the white sails that will lead us toward the future". So, do not wait any longer, and book a Christian Rome Itineraries Tour with A Guide in Rome